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Kyle Strand posted Slides...

Is there a virtual space where the presentation slides, papers, etc. are being made available?

Larry Hansard: They will be available in Georgia Tech's repository in about two weeks. I'll send an email to the fedora, dspace and eprints mailing lists when they are available.
Larry Hansard: Presentations are available at

Thu, Jun 11 at 5:45PM (2 comments)

Stuart Chalk posted Lost Bag of Gifts

I accidentally left a bag of gifts (two stuffed toys and some candy) in the Oceans Ballroom on Tuesday night. Anyone see it? I have the receipt and can ID the items Stuart Chalk PS I have already checked with the Aquarium lost and found...

Mon, May 25 at 7:40AM (0 comments)

Adrian Stevenson left a note for Andrea Kosavic

Thanks for your nice tweet! Shame we didn't speak. Next time. Adrian

Fri, May 22 at 6:29AM

Join in on the poll !

Wed, May 20 at 8:55AM (0 comments)

Jeremy Frumkin posted Apologies for missed talk

Hi all - My sincerest and deepest apologies; I had somehow put in my calendar that my talk was tomorrow, and didn't realize I had missed my scheduled time until someone called me around 4. I feel horribly embarrassed. I will upload my presentation for those still interested.

Tue, May 19 at 2:01PM (0 comments)

Peter Herndon posted Agile Languages + Repositories BOF

A number of folks have expressed interest in a Birds-of-a-Feather session on the use of agile languages (Ruby, Python, PHP, Perl, etc.) in and around repositories. Come join us! Let's try and find a schedule point in common, I'll post details as I get/create them.

Mark Matienzo: definitely, count me in!
Peter Herndon: Excellent! We're scheduled for Tuesday lunch, in room 7. Sign-up sheets are available at the Registration Desk.

Mon, May 18 at 10:45AM (2 comments)

Carol Minton Morris posted Looking for . . .

Are you here Jane H.?

Mon, May 18 at 4:18AM (0 comments)

Graham Triggs left a note for Jessie Hey

Checked in at 9:15 - just missed registration. But I probably wasted a good 5-10 minutes sorting out money!

Train was quick, clean and comfortable though. Now, did you manage it for $2.25 per head? ;)

Mon, May 18 at 2:01AM

Jessie Hey left a note for Graham Triggs

Hi did the train get you to the hotel faster - the test is perhaps if you managed to register this evening.

Sun, May 17 at 9:44PM

Les Carr posted Eurovision Party Invite

Does anyone want to join the EPrints team to watch the Eurovision Song Contest on Saturday evening? It will be a blast!

Les Carr: The EPrints team are staying at Georgian Terrace Hotel (659 Peachtree Street). We will liaise by this page when we arrive. The plane gets in at 6pm, so we should be ready to party by about 8pm.
Les Carr: The Eurovision session is being postponed! The hotel has messed up our booking and the BBC haven't released the digitised version yet :-( Watch this space for a later date of Eurotastic entertainment.
Jessie Hey: Thought the crazy guys who were eliminated in the semis were the most fun. Oh to be able to write, play and sing your entry....

Sat, May 16 at 11:22PM (5 comments)

Jessie Hey left a note for Eloy Rodrigues

Look forward to catching up.

Sat, May 16 at 9:53PM

Do you have any questions you would like me to cover on my talk on Monday morning? I had a request to cover a bit of the ORE functionality in the add-in, in addition to talking about SWORD. Anything else? Do you have an Authoring Add-in Word template with SWORD support you would like to share? I am thinking of posting/referencing them from my blog. Let me know if you do.

Fri, May 15 at 3:17PM (0 comments)

Bram Luyten left a note for Alicia López Medina

likewise ! Looking forward to see you there.

Thu, May 14 at 9:01AM

Eloy Rodrigues left a note for Alicia López Medina

Ya me has invitado... :-)

Thu, May 14 at 5:27AM

Alicia López Medina left a note for Mark Hedges

Hello! glad to know you will be in Atlanta

Thu, May 14 at 4:35AM

Alicia López Medina left a note for Imma Subirats

Hola Imma! ¿cómo te invito a mi red?

Thu, May 14 at 4:31AM

Alicia López Medina left a note for Bram Luyten

Hola! glad to know you will be in Atlanta!

Thu, May 14 at 4:31AM

Alicia López Medina left a note for Eloy Rodrigues

Hola!, ¿cómo te invito a mi sitio?

Thu, May 14 at 4:30AM

joy wheeler left a note for Sarah L. Shreeves

Hi Sarah hope to see you at the conference :)

Wed, May 13 at 2:23AM

Monica Berko left a note for Kristen Lancaster

Kristen, I am interested in meeting with reporitory managers who are dealing with scientific data sets - including legacy collections on various media

Tue, May 12 at 6:23PM

John Robertson left a note for Kristen Lancaster

Hi Kristen,

happy to have a chat at the conference.


Tue, May 12 at 2:17AM

Anna-Kaisa Sjölund left a note for Bram Luyten

I'm very interested to hear more about atmire's document streaming module.

Mon, May 11 at 12:54PM

Anna-Kaisa Sjölund left a note for Claire Bundy

Hello Claire,
I would like to meet you in Atlanta.
Anna-Kaisa Sjölund

Mon, May 11 at 12:48PM

JC Rodriguez left a note for Kristen Lancaster

Kristen, definitely would like to chat more about this problem domain. I've been working on this problem for a few years now, and would like to hear/learn about other approaches and ideas. Let's make an effort to get together. Feel free to contact me directly,

Mon, May 11 at 9:55AM

Wayne Johnston left a note for Leah Vanderjagt

Thanks, Leah. I look forward to meeting you. It should be a great conference.

Mon, May 4 at 12:16PM

John Robertson posted Conference tag?

Hi, is there a hash tag/ tag for the conference yet? If not how about simply #or09 / or09 ? the conference is already high in the google rankings for that query and it's short enough that compound / additional tags would be possible in a tweet.

Jeremy Frumkin: How about #orep09 ? Looks like it's available.
John Robertson: Yes #orep09 looks free ; as does #oprep09 though it's getting a bit long. #orep09 then? going once....
Bram Luyten: first tweet sent with the new tag ;)

Wed, Apr 22 at 6:01AM (5 comments)

Adrian Stevenson left a note for Julie Allinson

... and the question is 'interests', not 'interesting'

Fri, Apr 17 at 3:48AM

Adrian Stevenson left a note for Julie Allinson

"I'm no expert" indeed. Such modesty m'lady.

Fri, Apr 17 at 3:47AM

Kimberly Hampton posted Schedule

Does anyone know when the sessions schedule will be available?

Susan Wells Parham: The schedule should be finalized April 15, so look for it on the website after that date.

Fri, Apr 3 at 8:06AM (1 comment)

Larry Hansard posted OR09 Registration is available

Wed, Jan 21 at 4:23PM (0 comments)

Tyler Walters left a note

We are looking forward to hosting everyone in Atlanta, Georgia next May!

Mon, Sep 8 at 8:30AM